Wind and rain are not afraid to talk about three anti-cameras

For those outdoor travelers who travel in the wind and rain, how to overcome all kinds of unpleasant rain and snow, wind and sand, and the vibrations and even slight bumps in the journey, successfully taking satisfactory photos is indeed a very It is a headache for friends who love water sports. Although there are various camera waterproof protection accessories on the market, they are still lacking in convenience and reliability. Therefore, they are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. The all-weather anti-camera came into being.

First, how to protect the camera's protective principle, will help you make a simple analysis and find the right choice for you.

Waterproof: In theory, the simplest and quickest way to destroy a camera is to throw it into the water. For the extremely complicated electronic circuits in modern cameras, the result of a water infiltration may be disastrous. A short circuit can easily cause it to strike or die. Even if it is not directly exposed to rain, a long-term, humid environment coupled with drastic changes in temperature can lead to condensation inside the machine, which indirectly leads to corrosion of the circuit board. Even if there is no electronic part to worry about the mechanical manual camera, body, lens and optical viewing part of the water or water vapor intrusion will bring lens or viewfinder fog, film adhesion scrapped, can not be normal shooting and shooting, and even leave mold The hidden dangers have been more than once. When I took out the camera in the cold rain of the mountains, I found a fog in the lens and the viewfinder.

The solution is actually very simple, by sealing the rubber ring around all the external moving parts and joints, and at the same time setting the U-shaped circuit in the frequent operating position to minimize the possibility of water infiltration, for example, Minolta a9's shutter button Even on some models of Olympus UZoom, waterproof and breathable fabrics are used to ensure the tightness of the zoom lens. The point to note is that rubber has a natural aging process that loses its elasticity, and it is theoretically necessary to replace it within a certain period of time or use grease to maintain it. Camera waterproof grade according to the Japanese Industrial Standard basically has JIS1-7 grade, among which JIS4 grade only guarantees that the fuselage splashes water in all directions for 5 minutes. Representatives are Olympus U series and Yasica T5 and NIKON, CANON, MINOTLA, etc. The brand's top SLR model, JIS7 ​​class guarantees a 30-minute seal at 1 meter underwater, represented by PENTAXOPTIO33/43WR.

Anti-sanding: Even if a camera has a perfect waterproof function, it does not mean that it can calmly deal with the troubles of sandstorms. When the dust storm comes, the Olympus U series and Yasica T5 sliding lens caps with waterproof capabilities and The telescopic focus of the lens is very easy to be caught by the tiny sand particles. Therefore, in addition to the buttons outside the body as much as possible design sliding or moving parts, which is necessary for the three defense cameras, if you do not want to be sand In that case, an integrally sealed lens set and super-hard front protection glass are also indispensable. Many drivers in the arduous Dhaka Rally have used KONICA's engineering supervision series to record their journey simply because it possesses the above characteristics.

Crash: Many times you can't put too much love on the cameras hanging around your neck. In outdoor conditions, rough use is inevitable. To minimize the impact of the impact of the impact on the internal components, The body material is as thick and tough as possible, and the external key structures are loaded with a thick layer of rubber to cushion them. For the camera's most deadly lens and viewfinder, except for the super-hard protective glass, the metal Bumpers and crash barriers also provide maximum protection. Of course, the result of these designs is to make the camera inevitably bloated, or look stronger. Representative Fuji WORKRECORD28 series.

Second, how to choose a variety of outdoor sports in a variety of ways, suitable for three anti-cameras are generally rainy hiking trekking, desert and arid areas hiking, upstream or waterfalls, drifting and other water sports and other environments, they are three anti-cameras The requirements are obviously not the same.

Hiking in the rainy season: the camera is required to have a certain waterproof capacity, usually JIS4 living waterproof can meet the requirements, as long as it is carried properly, does not require particularly strong anti-collision ability, long-haul travel requirements for the weight of the equipment is higher, choose a portable pocket machine It is a good idea.

Trekking in deserts and arid regions: Requires the camera to have good dust resistance in the wind and sand conditions with as few moving parts as possible. The requirements for waterproof and crashworthy can be imagined and not needed. The pocket machine is sufficient to meet the requirements.

Upstream or waterfall: In this case, the requirements of the three anti-cameras are relatively more demanding. It is inevitable to “wet the body” in the stream, and to deal with various smooth or sharp rocks along the river, it must be considered. The ruggedness of the camera, waterproof JIS7, relatively sturdy body, while requiring the lightest possible, is undoubtedly your best choice.

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