Paper industry wastewater treatment agent production and treatment process

The invention provides a quick-effect sedimentation net sewage treatment agent for papermaking black liquor wastewater, which adopts kaolinite mineral, barite, talcum powder, hydrochloric acid, calcium sulfite and other raw materials to produce the l# and 2# treatment agents, and the papermaking black liquor. Wastewater treatment can achieve the desired effect. The invention has convenient operation and management, low operating cost, low investment, low power consumption, high decontamination rate, good treatment effect, and the effluent completely meets the national stipulated emission standards; the adaptability is strong, the discharge can be continuously treated, and the water can be reused, Zero emissions can be achieved. It is not affected by temperature and impact load, and is suitable for supporting the black liquor wastewater treatment in urban paper industry. It can also be applied to urban sewage treatment plants. Has a wide range of application prospects, significant economic and social benefits. The processing agent began production in 2000. The Liuxian Paper Mill in Suining County, Guangxi Province, designed waste water treatment facilities and conducted trial production; in 2002, it was carried out in the paper mill in Xiangzhou County, Guangxi, and in Phoenix Paper Company in Nanning, Guangxi in 2003. Papermaking wastewater treatment is monitored by environmental monitoring stations at all levels, and the treatment effect (five indicators) is better than the national standard.

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