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1) Flame distribution/burning disc size

In addition to the firepower of high-quality burners, the distribution of fire is also an important factor. The ideal flame is evenly distributed, so as not to form a “fire ring” on the bottom of the cookware when the fire is excessively concentrated. Therefore, the food is easily burned. However, the flame must not be dispersed too much, so that when the small cooker is used, the flame will burn the handle of the cooker. In general, the larger the burning disc, the more spread the flame will be, but the burner head will be heavier, while the smaller burner head will be light, but the flame distribution will be too concentrated.

2) The size of the hob

The size of the hob is to be matched with the cooking utensils, and large hobs are naturally used to increase the stability when using large cooking utensils. However, if only small cookers are used, small burners can be used to reduce the weight. In some designs, the wind screen is used as a hob and the weight can be reduced. The hob is best engraved with non-slip lines to reduce the chance of slipping on the cooker. In addition, when equipped with large cookers, the hob must also have sufficient strength to support the weight of the cooking utensils together with the food.

3) Windbreak/Windscreen

Wind protection is also a function of field furnaces. Under strong winds, not only does the flame have a chance to be blown off by strong winds, but strong winds also take heat away, which prolongs cooking time and wastes fuel. The round dish windbreaker is the most effective windbreaker, but it is also relatively heavy and expensive. Another lighter design is the use of a cross wind screen attached to the burner Plate. This design is light in weight, but there is always one side that is blown by the wind, so the effect is limited. In addition, in the strong wind environment (such as high mountains) it is best to use an external wind barrier to have the best windproof effect.

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