MEICO launches new thermoforming machine

MEICO of Italy introduced FC 780 E and FC 600 E new thermoforming machines. The machine is manufactured by its Swiss sister company WM Wrapping Machine. This molding/cutting/stacking/(vacuum and pressure) thermoforming machine is all driven by a motor (servo motor).

The FC 780 E and FC 600 E models have molding areas of 780 x 570 mm and 640 x 450 mm, respectively, which are suitable for small to medium batch production. At the same time, they also meet the requirements for flexibility and rapid die change.

The clamping force and cutting force of the FC 780 E model are 20 tons and 60 tons, respectively; and the clamping force and cutting force of the FC 600 E model are 15 tons and 50 tons, respectively.

Both models (including standard models) contain a variety of features that can process all types of rolled thermoformed sheets up to 2 mm in thickness, including HIPS, GPPS, PET, PVC, PP, OPS, and EPS.

Each of the two independent heating boxes on the upper and lower sides is equipped with a proportional heating zone. Both the molding section and the cutting section are equipped with upper and lower independent dynamic pressure plates. The stacking device can also be equipped with devices for counting, ejecting and curling of edge materials.

The advantages of the FC 780 E and FC 600 E models also include: high mechanical cycle speed, speeds of up to 40 beats per minute when using AA PET trays with 350 micron sheets, low noise, low energy consumption, and quick setting because Special mechanical design and special procedures for single board machines are used to facilitate mold replacement.

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