Causes and Solutions of Screen Printing Ripple Caused by CD Color Blocks (I)

When printed surfaces of many synthetic materials, such as UV inks are printed on CD/DVD, ceramics or coated paper, the printer will encounter the problem of ripples in the full version. Why use four-color inks to print perfect results when printing large blocks of color, and printing ripples when printing on the same material with two basic colors such as cyan and magenta? What causes the slight ripple when printing on CDs and DVDs with PANTONE spot colors?

What causes ripple?

To minimize the accumulation of UV inks, a mesh of 140 mesh/cm is used. When choosing a kind of mesh cloth, not only the mesh number but also the wire diameter of the wire mesh should be taken into consideration: 27, 31 or 34 microns. These different products make the mesh fabric geometry different, which is the main factor that causes the hole width to be larger than the screen wire diameter, the hole width is smaller than the wire diameter, and the hole width is equal to the wire diameter.

a) The hole width is larger than the wire diameter
High resolution: clear lines and images
b) Hole width and wire diameter are equal
High resolution and long life: between a) and c)
c) The hole width is smaller than the wire diameter
Long service life and low ink consumption: When used for large color printing, it will be easy to appear net marks. As shown in the type of mesh shown in C, the network structure can be clearly seen by a microscope (a solvent-based ink is less affected by this effect).

(to be continued)

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