Antistatic cast polypropylene film

Patent Type: Utility Model Inventor: Jiang Wei; Ding Lin; Tao Qiuming; Zhou Wei Applicant: Shanghai Wisteria Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address: 201108 Minxing Road, Minhang District, Shanghai No. 889 Application No. 5 Application Date: 2005.04.29 Approval notice number: 2

Packaging Design Works by Israeli Neo Group (9)

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Trademark Screen Printing and Printing Plate Making

Making silk screen plates 1. The basic process of photographic emulsion direct plate making The photographic emulsion direct plate making method is currently a kind of screen printing plate making method that is commonly used in China, and its process flow mainly includes the following points.

Improvement of Safety Performance of Speedmaster CD102 …

Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102 offset press is one of the models familiar to users all over the world. From the design factory in the mid-1990s to the present, the Speedmaster CD102 has demonstrated its advanced technology and powerful productivity in many fields such as commercial printing, packagi

Green packaging technology and design points

Green packaging design is a packaging design process with the core concept of environment and resources. Specifically refers to the use of appropriate green packaging materials, the use of green techniques, for packaging products for structural modeling and beautify the decorative design. Materia

Henan successfully develops local composite and fiber r…

In mid-September, the reporter was informed that a technique known as corrugated carton partial recombination and fiber reinforcement has been successfully developed by Henan Dayong Industrial Yulv Company and is now being put into practical use. According to reports, the use of this technology,

Research on Biodegradable Packaging Plastics Technology

With the extensive use of packaging materials, the disposal of some waste packaging materials is currently a problem that needs to be solved. There are three methods for disposal of waste packaging materials: landfill, incineration, and recycling. The landfill method not only causes pollution to t