Light of energy-saving lamps

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Interactive climbing

When the climbing route encounters steep terrain, the team cannot take continuous climbing. It must be secured by fixed points or mutual guarantees. In this case, the team adopts a single-person climb and double interaction to ensure the rotation. (Triple team abbreviation: A, B, C) 1. The trio wi

New Materials: Important Supporting Force for Agricultu…

A few days ago, the author reported that the “GRP” new greenhouse cover film developed by Zheng Yaogui, a farmer in Mengjia Town, Qingxu County, Shanxi Province, received national patents. In fact, the author's concern is not only that the holder of this national patent is an authe

Prepare for Prepress (previous)

The so-called prepress preparation, that is, a series of preparatory work before the official printing, which includes the layout review draft design, version of the roller production, acceptance version of the proof and sample proofreading, materials, ink preparation and several other work. Full

Classic Design Office Furniture Public Sofa for Recepti…

Model NO.: H5128 Certification: CCC, ISO9001 Customized: Customized

Norscan Pulp Reserves Rise

In April of this year, North American and Scandinavian pulp producers had more pulp reserves than expected, indicating that demand for paper remained weak. In April of this year, the market stocks of pulp in Finland, Sweden, Canada and the United States rose by 127,000 tons compared with March th

Polyether sulphone made foam plastic successfully

The BASF company in Germany recently released a new major technological advancement information. The Ultratoct foamed plastic made from the company's polyethersulfone Ultrason E has been applied industrially for the first time. The industrialized product is the rear seatback of BMW's M3 C