Japanese company develops new soft, high gas barrier EV…

A new type of barrier resin with excellent gas barrier properties has been successfully developed by Silicon Laboratories. This resin has the same flexibility, elasticity, and excellent processability as rubber. The EVOH developed by the company is a rigid plastic material for the development of

Thermal digital stencil printing process and points (on…

According to the surface morphology of the printing plate, the printing can be divided into four categories: relief printing, gravure printing, lithographic printing, and stencil printing. In recent years, no printing without printing plates has appeared. The representative of screen printing is s

Reasons for the low density of printing in the field

What is the reason for the low density of printing in the field? In fact, this problem is believed to be understood by all of us, but it is somewhat difficult to specifically say that it is ugly. After consulting the technical staff of a domestic offset printing manufacturer, the technician gave h

RTM develops new thermoforming machine

RTM recently developed a fully-electrically operated thermoforming machine called MILANO ENG. This series of models implements automatic continuous cycle production, suitable for processing plastic foils, including the thickness of the market common; for HIPS and similar materials, the thickness o

Moderately packaged objective analysis

With the development of the market economy, various forms of "over-packaging" behavior have emerged. It has not only harmed the interests of consumers, but also caused a waste of limited resources and serious environmental pollution. It took 20 years for China's packaging industry t

Scanner resolution details - role and impact (a)

Third, the role and impact of scanner resolution 1. The relationship between resolution and pixels Pixels are the smallest unit for measuring image data. The secret of all digital images is to use these discrete, discrete elements to simulate continuous tones. Each pixel has four basic character

Volumetric decoration paper automatic gravure printing …

The leading product of ZheJiang Meige Machinery Co., Ltd., “Scrolled Decorative Paper Automatic Gravure Printing Machine” was appraised by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology in July and was designated as a provincial-level new product. It was reported by the Provi