Wind and rain are not afraid to talk about three anti-c…

For those outdoor travelers who travel in the wind and rain, how to overcome all kinds of unpleasant rain and snow, wind and sand, and the vibrations and even slight bumps in the journey, successfully taking satisfactory photos is indeed a very It is a headache for friends who love water sports. A

Beijing Red House Packaging Design Works Appreciation (…

Source: Art Design Alliance Compost Bin Our factory have many different kinds of compost pail for you to choose. The stainless steel one, and color painting is available. Which also have the Iron material with powder coating items. OEM products is no problem. Welcome to ch

Causes and Treatments of Failure of Plastic Film Dry Co…

In the dry compounding of plastic films, edging failures often occur. The so-called sticky edge, that is, in the dry composite, the plastic film after coating gluing by the drying tunnel heating and drying, and then squeezed by hot-pressed steel roller after the winding, winding the finished produ

MIR Series Mirror Die Cutter

Japan's MIR Series mirror-cutting die cutter is best suited for the following die-cutting processes: 1. Paper jams that are prone to paper dust (resulting in the generation of paper dust); 2. Surface-processed paper jams such as film and glazing. (To prevent the separation of surface processin

Pad printing process discussion equipment

Pad printing equipment Commonly used printing equipment introduction China has developed rapidly in recent years. Western countries’ advantages in traditional industries have gradually been replaced by China. In order to protect the development of domestic industries, some countries in E

Talk about the greening of film gravure ink

Sunchem introduced the thermochromic ink for shrink film in June of this year. The ink is designed for shrink film packaging and printing, and is very suitable for the following product packaging applications: yogurt, dairy products, cold drinks and children's dairy snacks, which come from The

BASF launches new polyolefin light stabilizer

The German company BASF's polyolefin light stabilizer grade Uvinul 5050H has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, allowing it to be used in flour packaging, grain woven bags and milk containers related to food contact. Uvinul5050H is BASF's newly developed stabilizer. It